EMI Parts – European and Import Auto Parts

partsWith a wide range of parts available the same or next day, EMI Parts is here for all your vehicle maintenance needs. While we specialize in European makes and models, we also supply a number of parts for Asian vehicles. Whether it’s Volkswagen or Honda, BMW or Toyota, we’ve got parts for you. Supplying both wholesale and retail customers, EMI serves everyone from garages to the recreational mechanic. From New Haven to New London. From Middletown to Westbrook and everywhere in between. We are here to help you and your automotive needs with our extensive knowledge and competitive prices. Quality parts and knowledgeable people make us stand out from the competition. Let us help you today!

Volkswagen and Audi Owners

vw celWith our VAG-COM Diagnostic System (VCDS) we can diagnose check engine lights and other fault codes that affect how your car runs. We can also customize the computer’s coding. Want to be able to roll the windows down from the key fob? Or turn off your day time running lights? We can do that for you, just call for an appointment.